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Jessi Rapp, End.emic, 2022

Jessi Rapp, End.emic, 2022

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Materials: Mixed media collage. Oil painting, acrylic on paper, pastel, and gold thread on canvas.

Dimensions: 12 x 12 inches (with some protuberances, largest side 12 ¾ inches)

Artist Bio: Jessi Rapp (U.S.A., 1985) is a visual artist from San Diego living and working for the past 12 years in Mexico, first in Tijuana and is currently based in Mexico City. Jessi Rapp has an undergraduate degree in painting from San Diego State University (2009) and a master’s in visual art with emphasis in painting from La Antigua Academia de San Carlos, FAD, UNAM (2018). She has realized individual exhibitions in San Diego, Tijuana, and Mexico City and has participated in collective exhibitions in the U.S.A., Mexico, and Germany.

Artist Statement: In my work highly rhythmic kaleidoscopic compositions form fragmented sentimental landscapes, wherein I take a whirling sense of nature, urban chaos, juvenile playfulness and imminent menace into a vibrant reflection of my California roots and my daily life in Mexico City. Abstraction for me is an insistence on deepening an authentic personal visual language while finding critical dialog with cultural homogenization. Through drawing and painting I look to reconcile for a sense of dystopic dissolution and loss of innocence where I hope to still find unicorns standing in the horizon.

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