Collection: Nathanael Gray- One Day

I am sitting in a meadow, the air is dry, and the ground is scorched from last year’s forest fire, but today it’s peaceful and calm.

The breeze makes the temperature comfortable. I love this meadow, it’s atop a pass in Mendocino National Forest. The grasses roll down the hill to a tree line, beyond the tree line is a large mountain. It’s a wall of blues and greens and purples. To the west the mountains roll, ridge after ridge fading into the atmosphere. I’ve been here when there was snow on the ground, in the rain, and when clouds enveloped the mountain making it invisible. I sit down and close my eyes, listening to the breeze as it moves the grasses. I take some deep breaths. Then I get up and paint.

The following works were painted in a single day in the summer of 2021. They capture the changing light and diverse views of California's majestic valleys and oceans.