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Artist Statement


I remember the experience of being in a candy store for the first time as a child: a rush of wonder, imagination, and infinite possibility brought on by overwhelming visual stimulation; the rainbow of colors, sweet aromas, wild variety of shapes and patterns, and mounds of handcrafted confections all on perfect display. In time, I found myself working alongside my grandmother who owned a corner store. The memories of working with candies and helping her stock and count out product for orders left an indelible imprint that helped shape the fundamental core of my work today. From organization, to using my tools, to the careful consideration of materials, and even to my aesthetic, I owe to those years, memories, and lessons learned at the feet of the family matriarch.


Two of my newest works “Gummies are Forever” and “Holo³” summon those spellbound moments of innocence and marvel and symbolize the jewels and relics of my childhood. These works, fabricated out of encaustic, resin, and pigments, are intended to serve as a metaphor for life’s challenges and the ability to overcome and outshine obstacles that hinder one’s pathway forward. I invite viewers to bestir the same joy felt as a child, to reclaim those formative years of child-like wonder recalling the simplicity, purity, and innocence of such unadulterated desires.

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