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Smythe - McKee

Jennifer Kroll, Barcode, 2021

Jennifer Kroll, Barcode, 2021

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Materials: Acrylic on canvas

Artist Statement: Line and color have become the central focus of my paintings. The combination of bold and calm colors, side-by-side, and the boundaries between wide and slender lines of these contrasting colors is my way of generating visual excitement for the viewer.

Artist Bio: I’m Jennifer, an abstract/geometric painter. I live in Birmingham, Michigan with my husband and two girls. Most days you can find me painting in my studio or sketching my next commission. When I’m not there, I’m usually on the tennis court or traveling. I have a passion for interior design and an excitement for collecting all types of artwork.

I hold a bachelor degree in Fine Art from Eastern Michigan University. I am fascinated by colors and shapes, and love experimenting with different combinations of the two. My paintings are often the result of these explorations. Often, new ideas happen by accident as I mix colors, or add and subtract lines and shapes. VOILÀ - a new design emerges!

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