Allison Zuckerman- Crossing the Alps, 2021

Allison Zuckerman- Crossing the Alps, 2021

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Crossing the Alps, 2021
40 x 30 inches
Print on stretched canvas

Hand-embellished with glitter, gemstones, and acrylic paint
Signed and numbered by the artist on verso
Limited Edition of 10 with 4AP

Allison Zuckerman’s kaleidoscopic paintings and sculptures mirror the visual culture of the millennial, Internet-driven era. The Brooklyn-based artist composes her work by way of digital collage, using Photoshop as a means to layer cut-out fragments of culled images. Equal parts humor and social critique, her maximalist practice collapses canonical art works and photographs of women, as a way of infusing male-dominated traditions with a unique brand of twenty-first century feminism. 

For ART FOR CHANGE’s limited edition series benefitting the Brooklyn Museum, Zuckerman has created a new print entitled Crossing the Alps (2019-2020), part of her Paper Doll series. The work is inspired by Jacques-Louis David’s famous equestrian portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte, but replaces the primary subject with a woman figure whose appearance satirizes the constructs of conventional beauty. An array of colorful squares surround her, as though to evoke the individual pixels that make up digital imagery. The artist has hand-embellished each work with glitter, gemstones, and acrylic paint, making each a unique piece of art.

Zuckerman first made her institutional solo debut at the Rubell Museum in 2017, and is currently represented by Kravetz Wehby Gallery in New York City. 

Of this special fundraising series, the artist notes her admiration and inspiration of The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago, highlighting the synergy between the iconic feminist work—a focal point within the institution’s world-class collection—and the ideological inclinations within her own practice.

This limited edition print is part of a series created as a special prelude to the 2021 Brooklyn Artists Ball.