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Domenick Turturro- In the Center of the End of Summer, 1975

Domenick Turturro- In the Center of the End of Summer, 1975

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Oil on canvas

Signed, dated and titled verso

Size: 60 x 78 inches (117 x 198 cm) (stretcher); 62 x 80 inches (122 x 203 x 8.9 cm) (frame)

Domenick Turturro 1936-2002

Provenance: Collection of Allan Stone, New York.

From Artsy: Turturro's range of color is extraordinary, from keyed-up, "artificial" aquas and magentas to maroons and ochres which seem almost to have acquired a patina of use. This latter effect is an illusion, a helpful one. It reminds the viewer that paintings do indeed have a use, they are intended to engage the eye. This can be done, as so many allover painters attempt to do by overwhelming the eye. Turturro avoids the grandiose by holding the scale of pictorial incident to a very intimate scale. The eye enters his paintings where shapes float toward each other or touch or overlap in especially interesting ways. The eye stays with "the painting because it is always guided toward variations" on the initial incident whatever it may be in a particular viewing. Sometimes the eye is drawn over this surface. Sometimes it is drawn into the shallow space between shapes

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