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Eric Moore- Four Seasons: Spring, 2021

Eric Moore- Four Seasons: Spring, 2021

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Four Seasons: Spring

Acrylic on canvas

Diameter: 24 inches

Edition of 5 (+1AP)

Signed and numbered

Ready to hang


Artist Statement: This series is all about the feeling of the four seasons, as expressed through color. I believe each season carries associative feelings and the unique color combinations that typify each season can trigger these associative feelings. Although each season is unique, I created the set to be consistent in its schema so that the set could be cohesively understood, compared, and displayed. This series pushed my artistic practice into new realms of materials and techniques in order to execute a full series of original works that could be offered at an accessible price. I hope that you enjoy reflecting on the story of the four seasons as told through my color interpretations in this series of artworks.

For me, Spring is typified by life returning to the greenery around me and spring flowers blossoming. When I was a child, I had a big cherry blossom tree in my front yard. Every year during spring, the blossoms would start as yellow and quickly turn to green before they bloomed into vibrant pink flowers for a few short weeks. The memory of this annual beauty directly inspired the palette for Spring.

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