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Smythe - McKee

Jennifer Lail- Mini Mediation Yellow, 2021

Jennifer Lail- Mini Mediation Yellow, 2021

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Size: 12" x 12" (30.5 x 30.5 cm) Unframed

Materials: Watercolor on cold pressed 300lbs cotton paper

Shipping: Free in the continental US

From the artist: I started painting this miniature meditation circles series with the focus and palette inspiration of the six main energy centers found within our body. It was an idea I was playing with before this opportunity came about, and it all came together at the right moment.

This is a series of layered watercolors on textured cold pressed 300lbs cotton paper. I use high quality, highly vibrant watercolor pigments. The process includes layering, drying and repeating, mixing a new palette each layer. This is a highly time consuming process that was developed in a moment when I had no deadline or due date. It’s one I enjoy because of the challenges it presents. Watercolor is not forgiving when used in this way, and I like the idea of weeks of work teetering on the whim of the next paint brush stroke. I use all different sized paint brushes to achieve the circles themselves and the details in the middle.

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