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Smythe - McKee

Jennifer Lail, Unified Field 1, 2022

Jennifer Lail, Unified Field 1, 2022

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Materials: Watercolor on paper

Artist Statement: I look inward, to see what comes out. If that seems simple, then it is the simplicity born of discipline, deliberately crafted and structured to a luminous end. But it is the liminal end, the end that signifies beginning and rebirth. An out-of-body space that offers, by dint of visual clues and keys—ways in and ways out. Translating the metamorphic act of guided and transcendental meditation into luminous focal points of color allows me to energize the viewer via color frequency and vibration. Focusing on themes of love, peace, hope and harmony I can create a shift in mind and spirit, and so doing challenge contemporary paradigms of physical and mental interiority. Colors layered for brilliance and depth demarcate a personal journey shared. So now, the paintings act as guideposts via illuminating spaces in a manner similar to candles in the dark.

Artist Bio: Jennifer Lail is an artist based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. She received her BFA from the University of North Florida, with a focus on abstract painting. She was an artist in residence at Wolfson Children’s Hospital from 2009-2012, and currently maintains a studio practice informed by meditation. Working in an environment dedicated to healing had a profound effect on her work. Her paintings since 2012 have been an ongoing exploration of the way colorcentric abstract art impacts environments and emotions. She has exhibited in Delaware, Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, and Atlanta. Her work is in the collections of the McKessen, MD Anderson Cancer Treatment Center, CSX, Akerman LLP, University of North Florida and Target Corporate in Orlando.

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