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Kathy Davis, Diner Chic, 2021

Kathy Davis, Diner Chic, 2021

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Materials: Mixed media

Artist Statement: For as long as I can remember, I have always felt the urge to create. Painting gives me a voice to express emotions and impressions of my inner and outer world.

A sense of curiosity guides me as I create intuitively and spontaneously. Even when I approach a blank canvas with an idea in mind, inevitably an unknown force takes over and a painting emerges like a new friend waiting to make my acquaintance.

Acrylic, watercolor, and collage are my preferred media. My background in calligraphy has influenced the gestural mark making that often appears in my paintings.

Artist Bio: Contemporary abstract painter, Kathy Davis, has evolved as an artist through several career reinventions.  In many ways, Davis’ paintings are the culmination of the years of training, experience and inspiration she accumulated as a teacher, a designer and a business owner.  

With a painting style that is non-representational in nature, she is exploring new ground with her love of color and calligraphic mark making.  Davis’ paintings have been described as fresh, expressive and uplifting.  There is both a sophistication and casualness that give her work wide appeal.

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