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Kyle Yip, Dream Portrait Girl #1, 2021

Kyle Yip, Dream Portrait Girl #1, 2021

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Materials: Lego and resin on wood panel,

Dimensions: 18" x 18" x 1", 6.6 lbs,

Details: Ready to hang, signed, one-of-a-kind piece

Additional Work: This work is included in a trio, available here.

Artist Statement: A highly accurate re-creation from an ongoing series entitled, "Watching My Moves" originally envisioned during recurring REM dreams of the artist. These Nintendo Entertainment System video game screenshots of women were created using similar readymade Lego pieces from the dreams in which they were conceived, exploring spiritual ascension. The upwards stacking of Lego symbolizes the links between Heaven and Earth and the union of the divine within the viewer toward—"Atma," the inseparable ray of the Universe and one's true self. In this state, the dreamer may tap into this higher intelligence to develop a more enlightened perspective on world matters.

Artist Bio: Kyle Yip is a JUNO Award Nominated hypersurrealist artist internationally recognized for his highly accurate re-creations of visual art, music and film originally envisioned during his dreams. Yip has been included in many exhibitions including Nuit Blanche in 2015, 2016, Geoform at JanKossen Contemporary Art Gallery, New York City in 2017, Lab Art Show at the Chinese Cultural Centre, Vancouver in 2017, Nuit Rose at Artscape Youngplace in 2018, Daegu Art Fair at EXCO, South Korea in 2019, Lose Your Illusion at OCADU Ignite Gallery, and was awarded 1st Prize at The AGM’s Juried Show of Fine Arts in 2022.

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