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Lucas Thorik, Menage a Trois II, 2022

Lucas Thorik, Menage a Trois II, 2022

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Materials: Acrylic - plaster - spraypaint on canvas; wooden outerframe

Signed on the back

Dimensions: 12 x 12 inches

Artist Bio: Lucas Thorik (1973, The Netherlands) comes from an artistic family where the primary focus was and still is on painting. Lucas had been taken to so many galleries and openings during his upbringing that it had a reverse effect on him.

Rejecting the path that his family had layed out before him he chose to to pave his own way. This lead him away from education at a young age and into the creative sectors of music & design. Born with an entrepreneurial nature he has had businesses, helped others create and get the most out of themselves. Ever so determined to keep recreating the known and familiar, Lucas has embraced his unavoidable roots, painting. In this period of his life and during the reflection thereof he has found the tranquility to paint.

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