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Smythe - McKee

Nathanael Gray- One Day at the Ocean: Dusk, 2021

Nathanael Gray- One Day at the Ocean: Dusk, 2021

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12 x 16 inches (30.5 x 40.6 cm)

Oil on canvas

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From the artist:

I am sitting at the ocean. It’s foggy and gray.

The mist envelops the ocean, making it feel confined and intimate. Like I have it to myself. I had imagined painting deep blue skies and a dramatic sunset, but I will settle for cerulean blues, pale greens, and violet gray. The weather is never predictable here, sometimes the wind is so strong the sand stings my face. Today the breeze is calm. I sit down and stare at the ocean. It’s always changing. Colors moving in and back out. I close my eyes and listen. There is a wall of sound, breakers roaring in the distance, and the surge of water moving in and out. I take some deep breaths. Then I get up and paint.

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