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Smythe - McKee

Randy Gibson, Quadrilateral Grid 11 (Cerulean Blue Deep), 2022

Randy Gibson, Quadrilateral Grid 11 (Cerulean Blue Deep), 2022

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Materials: Acrylic and graphite on linen

Artist Statement: My work investigates the expressive potential of a set of numerical relationships refined over two decades of working with musicians. I create performances, paintings, installations, and other situations that utilize sound color, space, geometry, light, scent, and memory within a codified world of self-determined rules. I prioritize extremely slow sonic and visual experiences at the edges of perception.

My transdisciplinary work is rooted in the compositional systems I have developed for my performances. I am interested in how I can translate the process based compositional aesthetics of minimal music into a visual language, analogous with the experience of durational performance.

Artist Bio: Gibson is known for performances of extreme duration which have been described as "Luxuriantly unhurried, intensely focused" (Thought Catalog) and “offering a glimpse of time outside of time” (I Care If You Listen). His 3.5 hour piano work The Four Pillars Appearing… praised by The New York Times for its “arresting overtone clouds” and “dreamy, meditative visual accompaniment,” was named 2017 classical album of the year by Textura. In 2016, Gibson was awarded a NYFA fellowship in Music and Sound.

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