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Smythe - McKee

Samara Weaver, Untitled, 2021

Samara Weaver, Untitled, 2021

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Materials: Watercolor, trace paper, wood, MDF

Dimensions: Frame 12.5 x 12.5 inches; exterior 15 x 16 inches

Artist Statement: I have always been fascinated with materiality. I use different materials to explore texture, color, and perspective. I combine large numbers of smaller often simple elements into multi-faceted compositions, gaining complexity and space from their combination. My work often elicits emotion, invites touch and entices the observer to explore it further with multiple senses.

Artist Bio: Samara finished her Masters in Architecture in 2013 from Tyler School of Art working in that field after graduating. In 2017 she started working for herself creating Design Hues, focusing on artisan floral and specializing in floral installations. In 2018 Samara was accepted to the Juried Craft Show at The Delaware Art Museum. Showing her work at the museum was a pivotal turning point in her artistic career, supporting shifting her focus to her art full time. In Spring 2020 Samara began working full time out of the Delaware Contemporary art museum creating and selling her artwork, ceramics and jewelry.

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