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Stacy Lovejoy, SOUL FULL, 2021

Stacy Lovejoy, SOUL FULL, 2021

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Materials: Mixed media wall sculpture (plastic sheets, resin tubes, metal chain, found objects, beads, synthetic hair)

Artist statement: I believe we are all almighty and immortal. And if you can imagine something, you have the ability to materialize it. You can jump across the river in a second, make your skin silver by rubbing it, or grow a brand new set of teeth. And the faster one realizes it, the sooner the surroundings will change radically to make it real. I learned it on my own experience, and since then, I have constantly been translating the idea of human omnipotence through my art.

Artist bio: Stacy Lovejoy is a Chicago-based multidisciplinary artist and performer. She began performing and making art as a teenager, creating installations, fashion shows, and acting in the school plays. Bored with classical teaching approaches at a very young age, Lovejoy dropped out of school to pursue her passion by making art, dancing, learning metaphysics, and spending time in the forest. Her first solo exhibition took place in 2008 and was organized in a desk drawer. Using a variety of media, including performance, painting, and sculpture the artist creates provocative, philosophical pieces popularizing the themes of omnipotence, eternal youthfulness, and immortality.



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