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Smythe - McKee

Teresa Cline, Threaded Thoughts 1-6, 2022

Teresa Cline, Threaded Thoughts 1-6, 2022

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Materials: Acrylic on six canvases

Dimensions: 12 x 12 inches (31 x 31 cm) each

Artist Statement: I paint from a deeper subconscious part of my being. Always from a place where words do not directly control. Moving paint around a canvas informed by stored memories. Feeling the rich viscosity of paint on your fingers. The sound of the brush as it scrapes and scratches across a canvas. Watching the hues transform into colors to represent a feeling. I think it's like watching interpretive dancers move their bodies across a stage as they feel the music in their muscles, as they respond to the other dancers they share the space with. It's a partnership of sorts. I think this is a good description of what I'm feeling when I paint. I'm just working with and responding to the materials I'm creating with. I paint without deliberation in short segments of time then I take a bit of time to let my mind catch up to what's been done before proceeding. I really try not to think too much about what I'm doing. I work like this until something tells me it's enough. Sometimes I listen to myself, sometimes I do not. Every painting is a lesson.

Artist Bio: I'm essentially a self taught painter. Attended various art studio classes in several universities in the MidWest long ago but ultimately decided the right path for me was a total dedication to full time painting.

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