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Todd Lowery, Coral Bay Cyprus, 2021

Todd Lowery, Coral Bay Cyprus, 2021

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Materials: Oil on canvas

Artist Statement: Wherever you go…

Encounters. My work is constructed of layered, gestural geometries and movements that connect to and recreate a sensation of place found in my experience of specific Mediterranean locations.

Resonance. Based in sensory memory, experience is located, recalled, and reconfigured into physical form to become sites of analogous experience (painting). They reflect upon and interpret salient memories of urban and archeological strata and landscape, natural and human-built structures, map and site plan, textures, and circulation.

Place. Where is t/here, now?

…there you are

Artist Bio: Todd Lowery holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Working primarily in the mediums of painting, installation-based spatial engagements, and photography, his explorations center on the ideas of location, salience, and place.

He divides his time between the US, Greece, and Cyprus; with studios in Athens (GR) and Springfield (MO). Since 2015, solo exhibitions of Todd’s work have been held in Canada, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Sweden, and the US

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