Curatorial Projects

  • 12 x 12: A Group Flash Sale

    Smythe – McKee is proud to present:

    12 x 12

    A group flash sale featuring 39 artists
    Curated by Sam Duplessis
    February 2 – February 14, 2022

    As a collector I am often drawn to the seduction of size. Large works can have a powerful effect on the viewer in ways that more intimately scaled pieces may lack. In addition to creating accessibly priced and sized works for new and established collectors, this project was intended to push artists creatively by removing one variable from their craft: scale.

    It has been truly remarkable to see how various artists have responded to this challenge, both in visual formats and in their descriptions of the creative process of scaling down their work.

    I know you will enjoy this selection of works in media as diverse as the artists themselves.

    Index of Artists:

    1. Sam Rueter
    2. Lucas Thorik
    3. Jeff Musser
    4. Jennifer Lail
    5. Tim Nikiforuk
    6. Gibbs Rounsavall
    7. Rob Ventura
    8. Ami Park
    9. Jennifer Kroll
    10. Ty Nathan Clark
    11. Jamie Clyde
    12. Kevin Kelly
    13. Chantal Leblanc
    14. Randy Gibson
    15. Rick Hidalgo
    16. Andrew Faris
    17. Brittany Ellis
    18. Kathy Davis
    19. Kyle Yip
    20. Todd Lowery
    21. Philip Ryland
    22. S.A.B.
    23. Stacy Lovejoy
    24. Josias Figueirido
    25. Orrin Whalen
    26. Samara Weaver
    27. Jen Matthews
    28. Agathe Bouton
    29. Tanmay Upadhyaya
    30. Teresa Cline
    31. Tommaso Fattovich
    32. Ugur Karatas
    33. Jessi Rapp
    34. Pamela Bates
    35. Kit Porter
    36. Jason Byrd
    37. Jennifer Lefort
    38. Viktor van Bramer
    39. Gianna DiBartolomeo
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