From Chaos to Order at the Delaware Contemporary- July 1-August 20, 2020

From Chaos to Order at the Delaware Contemporary- July 1-August 20, 2020

This exhibition considers creative responses to the mayhem and confusion of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as work in the spectrum between chaos and order. While many continue to struggle with pandemic-induced health concerns, social isolation, and economic challenges, parts of the world are adjusting to a new way of life. With this new way of life comes fresh perspectives, new structure, and renewed clarity.

Compiled from submissions to The Delaware Contemporary’s recent #TDCTogether social media contest, this exhibition was originally intended to showcase a single work of art. When the competition yielded over 250 thought-provoking submissions from across the globe, it was clear that the concept of the contest resonated broadly and merited further exploration. As a result, the exhibition was expanded and 18 artists were invited to participate in this group show.

As there were no restrictions placed on medium, size, or thematic content, this exhibition brings together a diverse spectrum of creators and creations. It was important to ensure representative perspectives on the pandemic experience, as it is now well-documented that COVID-19 affects different populations to varying degrees. Among the array of works, Jennifer Lail’s meditative black and white watercolors serve as a serene conclusion to an exhibition that begins with explosive pieces like Sean Kratzert’s Chaos, A’Driane Nieves’ timely The Fire Next Time I & II, and Ryan Eckert’s tortured still lifes.

As the pandemic crisis is far from over, so is the period of intense creativity that often accompanies such historical moments. For now, we are pleased to present this selection of works that seeks to explore the challenges and evolving aftermath of COVID-19 in North America. We hope your own personal COVID-19 experience follows the (sometimes meandering) path From Chaos to Order.

Jordan Betten, Lucas Biagini, Aaron Bos-Wahl, Joey Brock, Ty Nathan Clark, Ryan Eckert, Sean Kratzert, Jennifer Lail, Eric Moore, Jeff Musser, A’Driane Nieves, Tim Nikiforuk, Kit Porter, Viktor Van Bramer, Simone Welsh, Orrin Whalen, David Willburn  


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